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Project Description

The Tri-Valley – San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority was established on January 1, 2018 through the enactment of Assembly Bill 758 with the mandate to plan and deliver cost-effective and responsive transit connectivity between the BART system in the Tri-Valley and the Altamont Commuter Express that meets the goals and objectives of the communities it will serve. It also required the completion of a Project Feasibility Report to outline how this could be achieved. The Final Report, adopted by the Board in October 2019, identifies a proposed project – now undergoing further design and environmental review.


The Proposed Project is a new 42-mile, 7-station passenger rail project that will connect the existing Dublin/Pleasanton Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station in Alameda County to the approved Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) North Lathrop Station in San Joaquin County utilizing existing transportation rights-of-way where feasible.

Ch1 Fig 1.2 Proposed Valley Link Project Map

Project Goals

  • Improve connectivity within the Northern California Megaregion: connecting housing, people, and jobs.

  • Rail connectivity between the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District’s rapid transit system and the Altamont Corridor Express commuter service in the Tri-Valley.

  • Project implementation that is fast, cost-effective and responsive to the goals and objectives of the communities it will serve.

  • Be a model of sustainability in the design, construction and operation of the system.

  • Support the vision of the California State Rail Plan to connect the Northern California Megaregion to the State rail system.


Proposed Stations and Facilities


  • Dublin/Pleasanton (BART Intermodal)

  • Isabel (Livermore)

  • Greenville (Livermore)

  • Mountain House (San Joaquin County)

  • Downtown Tracy Station (Tracy)

  • River Islands Station (Lathrop)

  • North Lathrop Station (ACE Intermodal)

Operations and Maintenance Facility:

  • Tracy Operation and Maintenance Facility (San Joaquin County)


Service Characteristics

The Proposed Project would provide regular service throughout the day in both directions with timed connections with both BART and ACE services. The overall travel time from North Lathrop to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station would be approximately 61 to 65 minutes depending on direction of travel. The 2040 service plan includes 12-minute peak period headways with more limited service in the off-peak periods and on the weekend.

Initial Operating Segments

​Full implementation of the Proposed Project would be subject to available funding and design and construction considerations; therefore, two initial operating segments are under consideration and would establish initial service from the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station to the Greenville or Mountain House Station. The Mountain House IOS would include the proposed Tracy OMF in the City of Tracy. The Greenville IOS would include an Interim OMF to be constructed on a 5-acre portion of the Alameda County Transportation Corridor ROW approximately 2,250 feet east of Dyer Road.



The choice of rolling stock that would be used for the Proposed Project depends on multiple factors, including the availability of the technology in the marketplace, the number of potential vehicle providers (e.g., the ability to obtain competitive bids), whether certain power sources can meet desired performance criteria (including transit over the Altamont Pass), and air quality, noise, and GHG emission considerations. Thus, the Authority is considering four train technology variants:

  • Diesel multiple unit (DMU) variant

  • Hybrid battery multiple unit (HBMU) variant

  • Battery-electric multiple unit (BEMU) variant (includes an overhead catenary system on the Altamont segment).

  • Diesel locomotive haul (DLH) variant

Proposed Valley Link Project